So I did a little banner of me . . .

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by lntra, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. BTW the 100k is now 98000r :p
  2. Did you make it photoshop? :O
  3. I doubt it.
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  4. I'm honest right now, I actually like it Good job m8 :)
  5. looks like MS Paint to me..
  6. Or normal Paint...
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  7. I cant wait to visit your Emeald factory........:p
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  8. Thank you, all! I actually did Photoshop it a little :p
  9. If I see correctly, is that Chuck Norris in the bottom left?
  10. Lol take the hint dude:D
  11. why did you put other server's ip?
    thats advertising.
    Remove that part or you might get banned.
  12. Thats not the ip. It has more stuff in it that I didnt add . . .
  13. ohh k.
    Just making sure.
    Wouldn't want ya to get banned :D
  14. hehehe :)