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  1. This server is giving me an outlet for my creative side. However, I wish the mobs were a lot harder considering there is no PVP.
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  2. They are when you go in the nether, because for some strange reason, the nether is laggy. I died to 4 ghasts in an attempt to play baseball with them while scavenging glowstone, because with the lag they were able to hit my platform, and knock me off into the lava below. :eek:
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  3. ouch :/
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  4. The crazy cat ladies are evil. By crazy cat ladies, I mean how they sound, they make cat noises, so I believe them to be the evolved form of a crazy cat lady.
  5. Sadly, lag doesn't equal fun. :(

    I do agree that the nether poses a small threat. I just swing a sword at a zombie pigman every once in a while to get a rush of excitement. :)
  6. The sound they make while wandering around is adorable. It really does sound just like my friend's Ragdoll cat.
  7. Exactly, but then they get angry and start flinging fireballs at you with immense hatred.
  8. Does your friend's cat spew fireballs of death?
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  9. What yours doesn't?
  10. As a future crazy cat lady. I find this offensive. I'm not evil.
  11. I'm offensive and I find this crazy cat lady
  12. I'm evil, and I'm not a crazy cat lady...