So 289 days and 589 posts later...

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  1. So, after this time, I think you should get to know the one you call "Yankees518".

    Here are some random facts for you to read and enjoy.

    • I am 12 years old, born on May 18, 2000.
    • I live in Baltimore, MD.
    • I am a walking bomb of diseases and syndromes.
    • Baseball is the one thing I will always do, and it's what I'm doing when I'm not reading or on the Empire.
    • My favorite animal is a turtle, although, kittens are a close second.
    • I occasionally bash my head against the keyboard when reading some Empire comments.
    • I am roughly 4' 7", 75 pounds, perfect BMI, and only 3% of my body is fat.
    • I can bench 105 pounds, and lift up 134.
    • I often write stories, and am currently working on a book.
    • My favorite food is steak.
    • My favorite colors are black, green, blue, and purple.
    Anything I didn't mention? Ask below! I <3 questions.
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  2. Just wanted to post first :D
  3. Do you have a girlfriend
  4. Do you like peanut butter?
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  5. do you like invader zim
  6. Ish.
    I watch it sometimes.
  7. that means you dont your "ish" is invalid
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  8. I wouldn't call it a girlfriend, as we would never go on a date. WAY too young. But we both have "crushes" on each other.
  9. Who is Yankees518?
  10. Yankees518 is [my name was a mistake]

    Being an avid Baseball family, I was raised a Yankees fan. My birthday is May 18, hence 518.
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  11. Oh wait, never mind.
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  12. Yup :p
  13. Wow, YANKEES, we are born on the SAME day!

    But I am one year older than you! :p
  14. Um, so,

    Your 75 pounds. And 4 feet seven inches. And you bench 105 pounds?!
  15. Same with me and merlin_bot
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  16. LoL
  17. Yeah. Pretty much. I have Growth Hormone Deficiency, but I'm extremely strong.
  18. We're the same age, i'm just 8 days older (if I wasn't life-threatingly ill you would be 2 days older than me :p) and i've had 2 girlfriends. One lasted a week and she was using me, and one lasted 6 months and she cheated on me. It does break friendships, but I don't care i'm still flirting with my girl-friend :D She's going to be my next victim.
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  19. I'm 6'2, 130, and I can bench, oh, 75 pounds. *looks at floor*
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