Snowy & Yall's Shop + Display!

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  1. Hey y'all it's well...erm...Yallquit...

    Well that's a little derpy introduction but anyways I digress, for those of you who don't play on SMP5 and aren't aware of who we are we are super active players, land moguls, and all around major community supporters. Currently we are opening a shop and we have decided to display various player heads from the community. Due to only a limited number of spots available inside the showcase we figured it'd be a nice way to get to the community together to fill the void and make a mark on SMP5.

    If you are interested in donating your head stop on by /v 11197 and use the donation box!

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  2. Can i mail mine?
  3. YE
    Yeah bro! Mail it to either Yallquit or SnowyBearr!
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  4. sent it you you bro!