Snowv Outpost Project(Please read!)

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  1. (This is not the Formal Thread. This is for discussing moving into Snowv, and donations towards Snowv)

    Hello, this thread is the Un-Formal Thread for Snowv.

    Snowv is something that I originally wanted to be like the NR, but evolved into something less advanced... It will still have political partys, like the NR; and huge cities, like the NR. But it will have something different also. A rule saying:
    • "Any disagreements likely to get the thread locked, and the entire Nation dissolved, will result in immediate exile for the players involved".
    That still won't prevent debates though...

    The nation needs large donations,and lots of work done. We picked a Snow Biome, and that brings up new jobs. We are allowing volunteers to clean up roads.

    Okay, so onto something more exciting. I'm discussing donations first. We will need:

    • Quartz, Diamond Shovels, Iron Shovels, Pickaxes(ALL), Apples(For Welcome Kits), Wood(For Welcome Kits), Money(For spending on Advertisements and Resources), Redstone Objects, Diamonds, Gold, Iron, Iron Blocks, Lapis, Lapis Blocks, Stone Brick, Stone, Cobble, Logs, Saplings, Glowstone, Cobwebs (For Mob Farms, please give to someone who can actually make a Mob Farm in the outpost though), Rail, Powered Rail, Redstone Torches, Buttons, Levers, Dispensers (For Welcome Kits), Boats (For Welcome Kits and for Ferrys), Minecarts (For Rail Services). And pretty much EVERYTHING.

    We already have some houses built, and a public mine started. If you come down to Snowv, do not mine in the Snowv Mining Corporation Zone, unless you have been given a pass by me. You can instead mine in the PUBLIC Mine.

    I want to start a Tree Farm, and so would like someone to help with that. We also need Redstone Engineers for the Redstone Stuff and Piston Doors. We will also need normal Engineers for the tunnels, and to build bridges and railways across the Outpost.

    We stretch into Swamps and Grassland too, if you want to start a Town where you don't clean up Snow all day. Rupees are also accepted for donations, and we ALWAYS need new citizens.

    An application for New Citizens is below:
    Why you want to join:
    Have you been banned?:
    If so, what for?:
    Position Wanted:

    That technically is a bit strange, since I never wanted this to be run completely by the Government, and I will say this outpost is a little Marxist, due to its current views on "Everyone is equal". However that does NOT mean we hate Private Companys, and I fully welcome businesses in the Outpost. We currently have a Embassy in Wrem and Estona, and are looking for Ambassadors to those nations. Also, PM me if you are a leader of a outpost and want a Embassy in Snowv, or want to make your Outpost a Snowv Overseas Territory (Or Federal Administrative District if you neighbor the original territory).

    I am worried about Griefing, and so that's why I ALSO set up the Snowv Volunteer Force (SVF), and Snowv Military. The Snowv Volunteer Force will get a hall as soon as I flatten some more land, and the Snowv Military have Fort Snowvel in Snowpolis. PM me to become part of the Military, AND ESPECIALLY PM ME TO JOIN THE INTELLIGENCE SERVICE...(Just, please PM me to be part of the Intelligence Service, we are MEANT to keep your identities secret...). This of course requires torches to stop Mobs from spawning,and that is a duty of the SVF. They will look for Griefed buildings, and will PM me or Gollark8 with a report of the damage done, using this scale:
    Yellow - Minor Damage
    Orange - Major Damage
    Red - Building GONE
    There will also be a Secret Code for the Military, but I'm not stupid enough to put it out in the open... We also will accept Promos and Heads for the Snowv National Museum, and Nature Objects for the Snowv Natural History Museum.

    We will need many builders, as I am terrible at building. Each Citizen I am sure will add something new to Snowv, so come down today,we are located on SMP9 East Wild!
  2. Also,we need Political Partys to run for Prime Minister!
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    We recieved a new immigrant today!
  4. Wait.... Which server is dis
  5. Would you mind if I edit your main post to be more readable? I will not alter any wording. just the layout... I just find it difficult to read.
  6. If you wish...
  7. IGN:golddigger221
    Why you want to join: I want to help out a bit, maybe find a spot on smp8 for this
    Have you been banned: no... Not this account
    Position wanted: general of smp5
  8. Well I tried to clean it up best i could. Should really just be re-written for more clarity. :) but it'll do.
  9. IGN:thiefdemon0
    Why you want to join:just want to help get supplies and stufff
    Have you been banned?:nope
    Position Wanted: getting supplies for the outpost prettymuch
  10. Attention: Snowv has been absorbed into the Second New Republic!
    And accepted,thiefdemon.
  11. IGN: kyle12cu1
    Why you want to join: I'm bored. I want to get into the wild more.
    Have you been banned?: Yes
    If so, what for?: Temp: Spamming, Abuse of /report system Perm: Never
    Position Wanted: Redstone Engineer
  12. We have been absorbed into the 2nd NR,but your accepted!