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  1. Hello Emc OLDMANWILLIKERS3 here with another amazing business. What is this business you might ask? Great question. I am bringing snowman to your residence in town. How you might ask? Well ill tell you. I will use the blizzard parts. You can have as many as you want. All you have to do is pm me on the forums and pay me the cost and I will arrive at your residence when I can. Why waste your money on the parts when you can hire me?:):)(Beginning sounding like billy maze).
    What are the prices?
    Glad you asked
    1 snowman-5k
    2 snowman-10k
    3 snowman-15k
    and so on

    How many do you have?
    I got 11

    How many can be used right now?

    What is the wait time on them till they can be used?
    (example the first number means the item and the 0.00 means hours/minutes)
    Now comes for what you got to do. All you got to do is set up an amazing spot where you want him to be put and fill out the forum.(Also I will need build real quick to place him down.)(Forum Link here (Note you will need to place a snow block where you want him)(Also example of what one looks like down below in a link). Thats all you got to do. Also if you want I will move it into place with no charge to you. Now if you have any questions please write them down below in the comments and Ill answer as best as I can. Also if you need any clarifications to what I mean write them down in the comments. Also if you have any way to make this service better please pm how I can make it better(Will help me out a lot to help you out).
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  2. your prices are super low, you might want to consider raising them up quite a bit.
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  3. ok
  4. You can only spawn 1 per 24 hrs. per blizz part right? So you will be using multiple parts?
  5. that is correct
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  6. Then I agree with WayneKramer, you should up your price :)

    Cool service though. I might look into this in the future.
  7. ok what you thinking for price and that is what i like to here
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  8. well, how many parts do you have? i mean they are pretty limited even if you spent all your time hunting blizz ards.

    i don't know what the going price is per part but i'd wager it's at least over 30k
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  9. parts are over 100k and i got about 10 and prices updated
  10. Not bad. Beats paying 150k+ to get your own blizz part and spawn one.
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  11. This is off topic but I totally misunderstood what these parts did. I thought the blizz ard parts would spawn a single snow golem and then be used up. I didn't realize you could re-use them over and over. This makes a lot more sense now.
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  12. I mean I want them kind of cheap were everyone can have one but not to cheap where I get behind on orders
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  13. I
    I did too at first
  14. Try it at these prices for awhile and then adjust where needed. Should be good :)
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  15. Ok try for the help and tomorrow I will add how many party's I have ready and how many I don't and how long they have till ready and who has what ordered and who has been done and taken care of
  16. and someone told me the part disappeared when used -_-
    why did i believe
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  17. you didnt