Snow Golems on Res?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Hasorko, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Is there a restriction on creating Snow Golems on your res or am I just not able to do it right ^^? If I stack 2 snowblocks + 1 pumpkin my snowblocks vanish, but there is no Snow Golem.
  2. snow golems can only be created on a snow biome.
  3. I see okay thanks alot
  4. This is not true.
    I have heard from justin himself, "snow golems are classified as monsters and therefore cannot be spawned unless in the wild"
  5. Yeah thats seems right... cause theyre not restricted to being made in just snow biomes
  6. But well in any way i will not get them to my res, what makes my idea pointless ^^.
  7. I personally think that supporters should be able to have snow golems on their res, but that's just me... even if it's just Diamond supporters...
  8. That would require your residence have a +monsters flag, which would mean you would be getting Zombies and Skeletons and similar on your residence, and though they would be incapable of hurting you, they would be seriously annoying.
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  9. Well, I suppose that's true, but it kind of would balance out diamond supporters... our only advantage is more rupees and the ability to use tnt... which I don't use even on single player, so...
  10. like mentioned earlier, they are classified as monsters, so they cant be made in your res, sorry :/
  11. I may work around this in the future. I just have to test and see how bad it will effect town if someone makes 249857639457458 snow golems :)
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  12. could they do that? i've been curious about this for a while. minecraft wiki says there's a limit to the number of hostile and passive mobs that are spawned, i'm guessing this is just relevant to naturally spawned mobs or maybe just in single player, or does it apply here as well? and if so, what happens if you spawn more?
  13. Its a good question worth testing :) The problem is that they change things like that from release to release...... sigh
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  14. I thought those limits where pretty much lifted when breeding appeared. But considering the massive amount of sheeps and chickens roaming on some res (server 3 has a res with a hole, jumping in gives you at least 6-7 Stacks of eggs so many chickens are in there) it doesnt seem to bother server up to this point.

    At least not so much that it makes the game unplayable.