Snapshot 12w21b!

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    Amazing new things that are added to the game, which im not going to spoil all of(just watch the video)

    Will the add of ender chests effect the coding of [access] in the wild?
    Im just very curious, I might ask too soon.

    And what do you guys thing about the other changes?
  2. This is really a big update imo and I'm really looking forward to it!

    Something I am more worried about is Justin his night rest, because this will probably take a long time to implement into the current system. Also, are we going to have another map reset then? Because otherwise, emeralds or desert village will not be able to find, unless you go to unexplored areas, which means you have to go very very far, because huge round areas have already been explored.
  3. How much would emeralds sell for? :eek:
  4. Looks good for me :)
  5. This snapshot is proving that Mojang CAN add a lot in only one update, I personally think we don't need another map reset in such a short amount of time. (especially when they might add much much more in the future)

    I don't think too much, you can trade emeralds with villagers, but you don't get really good deals i believe.
  6. I downloaded this and tried it out, AWESOME!!!
  7. I think 5-10r would be a nice price!
    They are quite hard to find, but don't have big use.
    Emerald Ore might get quite expensive tough...
  8. 5-10r when they are 25x rarer than diamonds? Sure, you can trade them but it's still not cheap. I'd say they'd be around the 60r mark really. And yeah, ore would be ridiculously expensive. If we call diamond ore 150r then times that by 25 be get 3750r!
  9. Yea, I know that they really are rare, but you might know that EMC can greatly underprice and overprice stuff sometimes...
  10. They can yes, but I highly doubt something this rare would be cheap.
  11. Remember that some things are priced on use and demand. Sand and Sandstone don't have much uses, but the demand of it is incredibly high. Therefor it is priced high. Gold is quite rare, but is sometimes even priced lower then iron, because it doesnt have much use(not as much as iron), and the demand for it is low.

    I think the emerald itself will be underpriced, the ore, would probably be around 300r each ( at start i do say 400r per ore because of new and being rare)
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  12. Alex, could you PLEASE stop your red text? It's annoying to read!
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