snake smarts needed!

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  1. okay, do we have any animal know it alls? lol we found this in our garage and i don't know what it is, and everyone i've asked says something different.

    sorry for how random and out of the minecraft ways this is, but i just don't know any other way to find out what it is. lol
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  2. Lol,

    Reserved for pateraterick's picture (on my phone right now:p)
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  3. Is the snake..... ALIVE?
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  4. lol, no, i'm pretty sure it died after it was smacked with a hammer twice. hahaha
  5. Eastern Garter I'm pretty sure
  6. i know i know! it's a dead snake!
    just skin it and make a nice pair of shoes AND(!!!!) a free meal!
    im kidding though, probably a garden snake. harmless. might want to hit it again with a hammer to be sure its dead though :p (in the head so its for sure dead)
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  7. GOSH! You've slayed a snake!
  8. Looks like someone killed it first and asked questions later.

    Your profile says Pennsylvania, Battmeghs. Is that correct? Do you still have the tail? More pictures of the head might help. The underside too.
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  9. The thread is supporters only!? Should of told me!!!

    I just need 5 more likes ...Thanks guys, i m a well-known member now!˜
  10. i didn't know this was a supporter only thread? lol
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  11. uh... what? im pretty sure its not...
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  12. i didn't kill it! my father did. lol
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  13. poor little guy =[
  14. it's official. your dad killed a baby. RIP baby. :(
    also dont count out selling the skin on ebay! (im just kidding!)
  15. I'm calling the cops on him...
  16. In Woody"s voice " Theirs a snake in my Boot"
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