smpALL - Obsidian Generator (Timed, Button-Operated)

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  1. [ALL-NEW] Obsidian Generator

    ◈ Button Operated
    ◈ Timed
    ◈ Most Efficient Obsidian Generating Method Currently Available

    Get Yours Now!
    Just 8,000r Delivered
    SALE: 5,000r Delivered
    [Any Server]

    To arrange a demonstration or purchase
    Contact bitfed:

    Join SMP3 and /v 6321 (Out of Town)

    If you are interested in obtaining an Obsidian Generator, but cannot afford one, contact me to find out what other arrangements can be made.
  2. ha, thx man, now i know how to build one

    p.s- you spend a lot of work on the thread, nice job
  3. ChowMains's plot already has one just like this...
  4. 8000r !!
    I'll watch ur video then B)
  5. Notice about arranging methods other than monetary payment.

  6. Temporary Price!
  7. Nice job on this bitfed. Your post is put together neatly with a video and all! I also think anything 10,000 rupees is a good deal on something like this :)
  8. That obsidian generator looks great and it looks like it would work a lot better than mine (with mine half the time the obsidian gets lost in water). But I don't think you should have shown this much of it in the picture because just by looking at it people will be able to see how to make it so nobody will buy it, now that they've seen the entire thing you should really lower the price to around 1,000r, and even at that price you would make a lot of money

    Edit: wow I just realized that I write a lot compared to other peoples posts :p
  9. Uhhh. Look interesting to be reverse engineer ;)
  10. I fully encourage people to engineer anything in Minecraft that they want to. It took me hours to master this machine and its timing, if you can do it in less and your time isn't worth the rupees, then more power to you.

    I did not invent this, just added to the design, and created an optimized workflow. It is *the* most efficient method of mining Obsidian I am aware of to-date.

    It comes delivered with no headaches. You can't get that from a video.

    And I think JustinGuy said it best:
    You gotta spend money, time, or both to make money. I'm just cutting out some time and effort for people who prefer to focus on other things.

    I also do other arrangements instead of cash payment.