Smp9's Iconic "Empire" State Building Mega Mall

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  1. 18100 "Empire" State Building
    Lots of items to choose from, reasonable prices. Free to use crafting and enchantment rooms, Sell option available on select items, future additions include a Music Center and an Enchanted Items floor, Mob Heads Floor, and a Future Villager Trading Floor. Lots of Recent Upgrades Added. Periodic upgrades to the shop sometimes includes the addition of new items to purchase.

    I ask that players please not buy me out of stock for the purpose of reselling the items. I do not hire workers so I am the only person that restocks my shop. If anything is out of stock at the time of your visit, please check back abit later as I restock my shop every 2-3 days.

    please do not ask that i lower my prices. my prices are the best possible average of all the large shops on all the emc servers combined( prices subject to change accordingly based off current supply and demand) . i actually took the time to study these prices to come up with the average prices i have. also i will not contribute to the failing of our economy by selling items at a ridiculously low price just to sell them fast. my goal is to provide players with a place to buy items for a reasonable price where they can be assured that most of the time the items will be in stock when they need it.

    Have a suggestion that i might be able to add to the center to better your experience? post them here.
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  2. Being an Smp9er for for over 450 days now, I have seen this shop around a lot. It has been constantly been upgraded by queendiva1 who is very good at providing items for those of us that need them, especially newer members to EMC who are in need of many basic items and some that they cannot craft with the items that they have.
    I recommend this mall to everyone - the prices are updated fairly frequently, and the mall is stocked even more frequently, so if you need an item and they do not have it here one day, you can almost guarantee in a few days there will be some for you.
    I am basically writing this as a review, as queendiva1 deserves to be recognized for building such a magnificent sight in my opinion, and what is great is the practicality that comes with it. So if you need anything, I recommend this shop. Thanks for reading!
    Note for queendiva1, one of my residences is 18200, and there is only one residence between your mall 18100, and 18200 which is soon to spring into something along the lines of this (it is more developed, but this is only a sneaky peak):

    Also, decided to have a go at taking a picture of myself outside of 18100 too. Here you go:

    That's it from me. Happy shopping!
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  3. Thank you kindly FDNY21 for your review! it means a great deal to me to know that the service i am providing is good for all and I loved making a build that was pleasing to the eye for all that come to visit me there. I take pride in all that i do there including that all the rupees i make goes back into the store 100% so that i can keep upgrading and adding services to the store for all players including my goal to make the store as new player friendly as i possibly can. I welcome all who wish to leave a comment here. good or bad, i strive to make the empire state building a great place to not only shop for items but as a place where others who are in need of services of things they might not be able to have on their own res yet.
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