Smp9's Hardest Parkour [Event]

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  1. So today i hosted almost 5 hours of Parkour on smp9. Durning the event Bigdavie and gamekribjim even tagged along and help and even try it for themselfs.

    We maxed out the server at several points during the long event which had one goal. Make it to the top!

    We advertised and had tons of fun, Many did the rage quit and many had a good time.

    I did manage to sneek in a few screen shots when i wasnt looking for block glitchers

    The album to today event Can be found here CLICK ME
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  2. It was fun! Too bad I had to leave early because I had to help my parents pack :(
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  3. Haha, Ima be in a picture :D
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  4. it is still open to all to try i well be expanding on it more so it'll only get harder from here on out
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  5. I'm trying to get rid of lag, then it'll be ... just as hard as it was before. Although I could probably finish it...
  6. it is 100% free to play, there are no prizes unless im hosting a event. there is book and quill for say and a hopper Leave me a comment on what you think