SMP9 Wild Community (looking for builders and grinder builders)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by killerbyte12, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Well i dont know if many of you know yet but im building a wild community out SMP9.
    Me and a LLO resident have been building a few things such as wheat farm, tree farm, mine's and paths, to make living out here easier.
    For full survival experience i suggest (if you plan on coming out) to bring only food and things you need, and start from scratch :)
    If you want to come out and join us PM me for co-ords or i might even walk back to spawn to pick you up.

    ALSO-- I am looking for some experienced grinder builders who is willling to come out and build some.
    So far i have a x1 skele grinder
    and a double cave spider spawner
    That i need to be built into grinders please PM me if this is you.
  2. no longer need a skele gribder built, still looking for residents and such, the place has grown so much and is still without a name. PM me and come out to join in on the fun.
    SMP9 Wild community now features
    -Plenty Of open land to build on
    -Jungle and desert biomes next door!
    -Public everything! Crafting benches, furnaces, wheat farm, tree farm, cobblestone generators, mines, grinders

    What ever your looking to do, you can find it or build it yourself at the smp9 wild community!
  3. Coming soon!
    Public Blaze Grinder
    Newly added!
    -Public enchantment table
    - free arrows, bones and bows for everyone!
  4. Bump. Come on people, come out and join the growing town :)
  5. I find that you just didnt use the almighty edit button.