SMP9, thinking of building wilderness outpost there.

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  1. Yes, im nuts :) and the are still idea's

    Thinking about building on smp9 outpost to, Now building one on smp2.
    But some idea on smp9, like makeing transportation railtrack with stations (underground ?) in wilderness between outpost sound intressting. maby trade things.
    or make stations. it maby cost more, dont need nether for it.

    I think there's more going on at smp9.
    So i think to start outpost far out. thats going to be days to travel.

    Lets see what outhers think.
    For now it would be a 1 person (me) outpost with later trade options, when things are setup.
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  2. Trust me.
    You don't want to be far out.
    What you want to make sounds like a City,correct?
    You should come to the East Wild area,we have plenty of space in the Western area.
    EDIT: Being far out cause's people to not come usually,sure it offers Griefing Protection,but so does strength in numbers...
  3. City, Town, Farm. not compleet sure. like a place thats still black. Like to go a bit my own way.
    Do you have a East Wild area map ? to get some idea.
  4. Why would being far out not be good?
    And also, the LLO is the biggest wilderness outpost and is griefed constantly. Safety in numbers is nonexistent when it comes to griefing.
  5. That's because 9/10 of the LLO are Derelict,or inactive,or banned.
  6. Not true at all, not even in the slightest :)
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  7. Hi VoxelRay. I think you are contradicting yourself in the two lines I quoted you.

    On one hand you want to be near the activity and people who are building networks of cities, rails, highways etc on smp9 (that's also why I chose the Eastern Wilds Territories too). But on the other hand you are saying you want to start an outpost far out that takes days to travel to and from.

    For once, I agree with kitten3101 *gasp!* :rolleyes: - I don't think you really want to be that far out if you intend to have other players join you. It's somewhat discouraging to new players who are intimidated by the long travel times and repetitive death / respawn cycle involved with a long journey and old / veteran players typically don't want to bother with it and are already established somewhere. Who does that leave you to recruit into your outpost? Unless you are coming to EMC with friends and a group plan already in mind, things way out there will get mighty lonely quick. In fact, even the Eastern Wilds Territories (Estona, Wrem, New Holland, Volt, Stoneguard etc) are pretty quiet and have only a handful of players on at the same time spread out over a large area.

    All that being said, I still encourage you to make your plans for smp9 Eastern Wilds Territories - it's an amazing network of cities out there. I'm amazed each one I visit (and so far that's only been 3 of the many cities and villages along the railway). Players have put in an astounding amount of work to make it very cool and each city-state has a very different flavor...some like Volt and Wrem are quite modern looking while Stoneguard and Estona etc are medieval or fantasy in style.

    My suggestion: Get permission to stay a few (Real Life) days in one of the centralized cities out there and then decide which one you'd like to join as a citizen. Then you can request a small parcel of land nearby for your own project. There are also tons and tons of 'vacant' buildings and empty construction plots in many of them that could also be purchased for a low amount of rupees or even given to you (I was given my jungle camp on consent that it would remain a nature preserve and not be overdeveloped).

    The benefits of being a member of one of the territories out there:

    • Ease of travel between the other cities for trade and resources
    • Community farms and auto-material generators.
    • Quick Nether rail trip out there from Town and back if you do need to go.
    • Lots of Nether chests to move your goods / supplies around
    • Trade network with other players
    • Variety of buildings and cities to explore / visit
    • Tons of choices of where to live
    • Other players to socialize with nearby
    I know rock00888 has open recruitment right now for Volt - and there's some public housing in a building right next to the Nether portal building that can be used for a temporary room. I am pretty sure Wrem has open recruitment as well but you must contact their leader. Stoneguard's leader is in retirement but it's a beautiful medieval city that would be amazing if revived. Estona has some active players and kitten3101 is building a new city out to the northwest of all the others as well.

    Lots of ideas!

    Also, I think maybe you're not really clear on 'far out' and the definition of how far out Eastern Wilds Territories are and the cost / danger involved with creating an overworld railway system yourself ...which you're doubling up work when other players our there have already done it for you!

    If you were to travel out there Overworld, it would take you quite awhile in game days and be very dangerous. The nether rail system (with associated portals) is very safe and very fast.

    I had my reservations about moving out there and a bit of a rocky start, but overall I am very happy I chose to move there. The cities in the area are all fantastic and interesting. I am enjoying exploring them all when I'm not working on my little jungle camp ... which is a quick boat ride or highway minecart ride back to Volt city (or Wrem and Estona the other way) whenever I want to go for trading or visiting.

    Long post but I hope it helps. :)
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  8. I can confirm the 2nd NR is being built,and rapidly developed.
  9. I made a quick 1 minute map for size reference. There are other more detailed maps of each of the city states out there (look on their individual threads for detailed ones).

    This map is zoomed as far out as you can get so keep that in mind for size perspective.

    The area in yellow is most of the 'developed' network of city-states including:

    • Estona
    • Wrem
    • New Holland
    • Volt
    • Stoneguard
    • Neoreopolis (kitten3101 on map - WIP)
    There's also a TON of land in that area completely undeveloped which you could most likely adopt and build with permissions from the owners of the cities as a pledged substate or citizen.

    If that doesn't suit your fancy and you really do want to be further away... or want your own established outpost, then choose some of the uncharted wilderness or lands further north or east and connect them to the already established railway systems out there. Just remember, the rule is that your outpost must be 3k or more from others to be considered independent.

    EWT MAP_resized.jpg
  10. As jacob said, not true at all.

    Also, I'd recommend not setting up an outpost in the East Wilderness area. There's already to many outposts and too many conflicts in place.
  11. Only one conflict that I know of (NR2) and that's been fairly resolved as far as I know. :)

    And as you can see from the map I posted (albeit zoomed out and small) there's plenty of land out there available.

    I think it boils down to what you really want in an outpost. If you want to be somewhat 'nearby' other cities for trade and community, then choose one of the servers that has communities like Eastern Wilds. But if you want tons and tons of space with no one around you for days, then choose any server, any direction and head out as far as you can stand to go into black uncharted map and set up camp!

    I think Last Light Outpost (network of towns) is also a good choice. It was my second pick. The only reason I chose EWT is because rock00888 invited me and offered me a jungle island right outside the city which was perfect for my camp project.
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  12. You can still join the LLO, you're not limited to one outpost. We're always willing to accept new players! :D
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  13. I'll definitely consider it! I don't really have enough time to devote to two separate building projects at the moment, but after May 5th I may have a lot more time and could take a trip out there. Thanks for the offer and I love what you guys are doing - lots of creativity.
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  14. Ok i have plan, i have idea. but now iam stuck. i moved closer to wilderness east, and now a place to setup town.. Not surte about the rules, or where you can or not can settle.

    I have a few intressting locations spotted, but the 3000 blocks rule dont work offcorse.
  15. Ok. i want my own state (or city) on smp9 looking at the maps its the best description.
    Landed right now in wrem. but now i need to know how to move forward.
    how to claim do a new pice of land. its all close to other cities. if the land can be claimed.
    maps on the forum are maby old ?
  16. My suggestion would be to contact the leader of whichever holding it's closest to and see how far out you would need to go in order to claim your outpost.

    Secondarily, you could ask to be a sub-state - with your own governing / rules and land but attached to one of the established territories. That's the route I chose. I have my own area to build in and am adjacent to the Volt city outskirts but not part of the immediate city state being right on the border between Stoneguard, Wrem and Volt. It suits me fine because I enjoy being near all of them and yet still 'wild' enough the camp has a remote feeling.
  17. There isn't a 3k Block rule.
    That's only to get established...
    And NONE of us are getting established,sure,we'll rush for the Dragon Eggs to get protected since we didn't get first dibs or anything,but we ain't getting ESTABLISHED.