SMP9 Terra nether station heavy grieved.

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  1. Ok, after reading the post about smp3 i decided todo extra check.
    It's shocking i hope to post a few images in while. checking other parts of my builds.

    This is really the biggest damage i have ever seen. It's pretty shocking.
  2. Ok, here some pictures. that's going to costs a few stacks of materials.
    The think it don't cost time to mine it. Anyway.. not understand why you go into wilkderness and ruine things when you can go into waste to get the materials yourself

    Advise that other city's do a check asap too.

    Not sure when i have repaired it all.

  3. That's a big drag. Did you report it? Staff can determine who did it and punish accordingly. Really need to report it.
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  4. Sorry About this. my suggestion is to report it to a staff and they will handle this. I'm sorry this happened these grievers are just plain old MEAN
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  5. Yes, it's reported before i posted pictures. the did take care of it. i go fix soon some important parts. after that i need to check some other places first. Lucky am a person that loves to have some materials for repairs.

    And , people mabye like glowstone. but that is why im not using close to spawn glowstone but lantarns. the last ones are not so intressting for people.
  6. If you want any help Id be happy to get on today and lend a hand. ;)
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  7. Thanks, boozle628, most important parts are already fix. Other things i look later at. mabye good time fora few changes too.