SMP9 Store - Thorn's Embrace!

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  1. Velcome! I'm here to introduce you to a new store on SMP9. Here'a vhat ve have to offer:

    -Diamonds at 40r each
    -Emeralds at 25r each
    -Iron Blocks at 45r each
    -Glowstone at 20r each
    -Some enchanted items are sold by hand!
    -Lapis Lazuli at 150r for 64
    -Smooth Sandstone at 80r for 64
    -Coal at 80r for 64
    -Redstone Dust at 10r for 8
    -Gold ingot at 80r for 8

    Any much more vill come!

    Visit 18469 to check it out! *store looks crappy cause i haven't been on to vork on it.*
  2. Your glowstone is priced at 10r each, and your diamonds are not even there :O