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  1. Hello this is creeperslayer and im posting this thread to ask WHAT ON EARTH it means by SMP9 preparing to shut down. if the server is going down i have lots of things on it including a beacon i spent 29k on. dose this mean i have to take alllll my items to a different server?! if so please tell me because im very worried about this.
  2. Its just a glitch. Its been showing for days now.
  3. ok thank you jakres :)
  4. xD They wont shut down a server unless it came to a point where its not worth running. And its been there for days now, like every other time
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  5. The server is not going anywhere. It is just a bug, it has been like that for a while.
  6. 0_o smp9 just cut off on me
  7. me 2...the glitches r annoying...