Smp9 Residents and Visitors

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by killerbyte12, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. I just took and nice walk out to LLO on smp7 and wow.. its quite amazing some really nice buildings and the size is bigger than i thought. So ive already spoken to a few people who agree this would be a fantasic idea for smp9. So before we go any further with this plan just say 'I" if you would be interested in joining the community or even just building or donating towards.
    If this idea really kicks off ill start a community site, seperate from EMC site to keep things organized.
    So,... I?
  2. just found a nice spot for this to start off. I suggest, for maximum minecraft fun, to bring only nessities with you and fully start from scratch (e.g chop down tree, make planks, crafting table ect ect)
    Might start building a "path" there but hidden, but dunno yet.
    PM me if you want the co-ords or if you want to be guided to this location. Greifer's will be reported!
    Also to anyone who wants to join, we need to band together and think of a cool name for this place :)
  3. could i possible get a mod to change the title of this thread to "smp9 wild community/camp" please.
    Also building has begun there are a couple of us currently building a wheat farm and tree farm come out and join in on the suvival fun :)