Smp9 Public Facilities Project?

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What do you guys want on smp9

Sheep Farm 8 vote(s) 53.3%
Public Sugar cane farm 1 vote(s) 6.7%
Comment your Opinion 6 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. Hey Empire Peeps

    When I done with my mall I am going to start with a New Project with Smp9. I am not quite sure on what to do?

    So at the moment at this time I need your Opinion and Vote on what should be on Smp9.
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  2. Public farm ( all items ), public wool farm, and maybe a public tree farm, Thats what I think. :)
  3. hmm if i have 3 residences that might be a good option :)
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  4. I think I wool farm and a sugar cane farm would be nice
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  5. I have an idea. Why not you make 3 facilities for each residence? Surely a facility can fit in at least one residence. I think? But even if that was to happen, I don't know what the 3rd facility should contain :p
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  6. I have got rid off one for another residence so I should make a Cane Farm and Wool Farm
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  7. You can also make a flower farm as well if you'd like.
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  8. We will see :)
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  9. we need a hospital
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  10. Um No :p
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  11. Morning Bump
  12. Well, I already know of a couple of public wool farms on smp9. 19004 is one, I can't think of the other res. number off the top of my head. They are pretty useful, but my only complaint would be that they are not complete by themselves. Meaning that I can't go visit one residence and get every single color of wool; I have to go to both. So that might be a nice addition, or maybe you may not want to do that since it is already available.

    I like the idea of a flower farm that was mentioned. But that's because I like flowers and dying things to make them more prettyful :D (How does one make that happen? BYO Bonemeal?)
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