[SMP9] New House and New Shop now under construction! Now accepting donations!

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  1. Hello fellow EMC players! Hope you’re all doing well. For the past few weeks I have been slowly planning on re-doing my res. It’s been the same for a while and I have a different taste in style now.

    Ok, so what are you doing Abstract?
    I have been looking for “Modern” minecraft houses for a while now. I’ve found one that I like which actually was never intended to be put in minecraft. Here’s a couple of screen-grabs of my plans, but the original video is here- http://bit.ly/1sMMxNs.

    General dimensions of the front:

    General dimensions of the side:

    The top 4 supporters can build thier own yard! See below for details

    What should I do on the roof? Leave comments below!

    Materials Needed:

    Each apartment will be 14 blocks wide

    Ok ok abstract we get it, you’re building a new house. Now what?
    Actually I also plan on adding a small shop for horses and prized materials out back. It will be 3 floors and I’ll sell Horses, Gold, Diamonds, and other expensive items.

    Ok now I really want to donate!! How can I?
    First off, thank you for your donation. It is greatly apreciated and will be put to good use. I’ll take any donation. Even a just few rupees will help out a lot. You can donate items from this list as they will be needed in large quantities. To donate ruppees in-game symply type /r pay abstracttoast9 100 or whatever amount you're comfortable with.

    -Smooth Quartz
    -Jungle Wood Planks
    -Iron bars
    -Glass (Or sand & coal to make it)
    -Smooth stone (Or cobblestone & coal to make it)
    -Iron doors
    -Smooth Sandstone

    At my current res ( /v 18467) you will find several donation chests at spawn

    -In the left one place anything that is on my list. These will automatically be sorted into chests downstairs so I know exactly how much of each item I have and how much more I need.

    -In the right one place anything that is not on the list. Please, dump your trash here! Items in here will be re-purposed or sold by me to make more money.

    -Lastly, in the far right you may have noticed several DC of dirt for sale. Simply left click to donate. This way you don’t have to fumble around with the pay command.

    Like I said, anything helps. I will be giving away 4 prizes to the players with the largest donations.
    The 4 people who donate the most will be able to do whatever they want to design one of the four backyards. You will be given a build flag and permission to do whatever you'd like in the designated area. Once again thank you for your donations and hope you have a great evening. I hope to see you soon!
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  2. Sounds great! <3 the designs :D
  3. Very nice. Is selling the townhouses the endgame?
  4. I might consider renting out a few
  5. You need donations?
    Alright is 18 stacks of jungle logs good enough ( dont even know why i'm doing this )
  6. Yes!! Thank you! I'll set up an access chest now
  7. I'm doing something like this too, would you consider teaming up?
    Also, SketchUp rules! :D
  8. Sure!!! PM me