smp9 laggin out hard

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Deathtomb8953, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. as title stats the entire server is lagging out hard and glitching left right and center!
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  2. It is indeed.
  3. It is, I believe it is from a specific *cough *cough user shooting over 100 fireworks into the sky at once
  4. Who?...
  5. That'll cause lag for about a second maybe 2 max, Once the fireworks are gone, it'll stop lagging.
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  6. Aikar? :p
  7. It's Always smp9..
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  8. BOBTHETOMATO IS ALIVE? He liked that post!!! Come back bob!
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  9. omg can we get a fix !
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  10. please fix smp9 when it rains and lightning whats the point of playing its really really bad
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  11. I left and went onto utopia.. xD
  12. /v ranom don smp9

    4 mins later it goes thru
  13. yeah im standing waiting on my chest to open up i think the server is laaaaaaaaagggggingggg a bit today
    the only foreseeable solution is no more creepers and weather changes...
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  14. Nothing is going to be done because nothing needs to be done.
    Whatever is the cause of this will probably pass, it's just something you will have to get used to.
  15. Not only incredible lag;
    Incredible Drama too! Woo! .-.
  16. Smp1 is the same. :(
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  17. there is alway s areason for lag it doesnt just happen for no reason it could be a ent issues to mass fireworks being set off somewhere

    there is always . ALWAYS a reason
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  18. I never said there wasn't a reason.
  19. Just logged in to check out how it was 6 hours later and it's still just as bad.

    Also, people please, don't take this kind of lag threads as complaints, I believe the staff appreciates it when we report any issue as long as we don't go all whinny and demanding. So, what's the point in "acting on behalf of a mod or admin" when you don't know what the problem or the solution is? Yes, this goes for you RainbowChin :p Don't take it bad please, I'm sure your intentions are the best and you're just trying to calm people down but I don't think that is the best way to do it.

    EDIT: 15 minutes later, server reboot. Seems like there was something to be done after all hehe.
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  20. If you're going to mention me in a post, as let quote my post you're referring to, just a tip.