Smp9 Head Museum!

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  1. Hello Everyone

    I have started a head museum on my res at 18313. At spawn turn left and look for the Gold Block door way to enter the head museum! So far we have had plenty of heads donated to the cause. If you wish to donate your head there are hoppers set up at the top of the staircase. Simply drop your head in and ill keep posting them untill i run out of room! At which point ill expand it!

    Cant wait to see you head plastered on my wall for every one to see!
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  2. How can I even obtain a head? I can drop my head in there xD
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  3. In the new EMC update, You can kill yourself many times and 2.5% of the time, your head will drop. xD
  4. I have a special place to get heads:p ill go get one right now:)
    also, will i get any kind of special recognition in my sign that you put under my head? :p instead of just smp9 resident?
  5. Bump the smp9 museum is 47 heads strong. come donate more !
  6. Save a spot for me.
  7. I might want to hang my head from a wall.
  8. theres is lot of room for HURRY
  9. I'll consider donating a head... I just need to get around to setting up a grinder, know how just haven' yet had the time although it's such a simple device... Anyways I'll drop by if I have some spare ;)
  10. 1/40 chances eh? I'll go and waste my time and get my head just so I can have it with a bunch of other rotting heads on a wall. :D you should have them in rows on fence posts
  11. bump we have tons of new heads and lots of room to go !
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