smp9 has gone quiet...

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has smp9 gone quiet?

yes 10 vote(s) 71.4%
no 4 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. hello i just created this post to say-SMP9 has gone SERIOUSLY QUIET!i joined and there was only a few diamond supporters (not even talking) ,another guy and me . and i was saying hello and stuff like awnswer so i decided to create this thread....POST the word YES if YOU THINK that smp9 has gone quiet :)
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  2. I don't know really:D I'm a smp1 guy;)
  3. :D i like the aliveness smp1...i have never seen it quiet
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  4. Same here. But others have said certain servers have gone quiet, too, not just SMP 9. An example is SMP 6. I'm not sure why this is, though.
  5. player count for smp9 is down ( :p )
  6. Is it quieter than utopia
  7. i have NO clue..i went to utopia once...2 other people one said a word
  8. Yup thats utopia
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  9. They do talk, but in the supporter chat, you can't hear that.... :)
  10. XD :p
  11. Utopia people talk but in supporter so they can talk across all worlds and mostly live in the wild
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  12. Then move there:D It's the most awesome smp server in the world in fact:D
  13. get on in 5 AM est time.
  14. That is because is Utopia, everyone talks in supporter chat (/ch s). Unlike the smp's, almost EVERYONE is in the wild. In Utopia, it is1 quite, even in /ch s.
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  15. True story:cool:
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  16. i have to much of a great res to move smp and i have loadsa friends on smp9 :p
  17. Its because the new players all went to SMP9 then they got bored and either: 1. Left EMC or 2. Went to a more populated and mature SMP.
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  18. Keep in mind When you posted this thread. You are not going to get many people in the Americas because It was was between 1am and 4am then
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  19. ...i wish i lived in America :p mah home country
  20. Where are you at then? lol