smp9 glitch

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  1. not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but when i disconnect from smp9 my minecraft client will then say that it can't communicate with smp9 and it'll do this for awhile until for some reason it clears up. it only happens with smp9, i have all the other servers loaded and it doesn't happen with them.
  2. If you try to connect to a server multiple times in a row, it can show an error with connecting.
  3. well all i know is that it wasn't doing this before... and it's ONLY happening on smp9. the chest glitch on smp9 is back as well, there is a chat lag, and just in general there are problems on smp9 that i'm not seeing on utopia and smp1 (which are the only other servers i spend time on)
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  4. i've had this same issue only with smp9, when i try to connect. all other servers show up as connected.
  5. SMP9 Is said to have really bad lag at the moment there are other threads about the rollback glitch again.
  6. I'm not sure I've had the connecting issue but the chat lag, getting set back a few feet when walking/mining and chest lag is definitely annoying. I'm about to log off if it doesn't stop. I'm trying to fish, for example, and the line goes several feet BEHIND me.

    Edit: Yeah I logged off. Gonna go watch ESPN. :p
  7. New SMP9 Glitch, I no longer show as a supporter on smp9... but all other servers show I am a supporter

    never seen that one before
  8. they just rebooted smp9
  9. My sister told me and I logged on. :)