SMP9 Enchantment Mall Part 1 of a 5 res project.

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  1. Welcome all. As some of you may know I love designing in Minecraft, especially here on EMC. Currently I have an immensely labor loving project. Details will probably be in another post, anyways, part 1 of this project should be documented, and so I give you this. Enjoy. :)

    (Please note that this design is of my own creation, despite what it may look like all of this is original, suggestions made will be credited as such.)

    Day One: Front

    )Thanks to the SRRCCorp for suggesting to add in windows(

    *Also looking to buy beacons for around 8k-9k PM here or in game DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD!*

    This build can be found on 18312, visit 18388 to be on the ground.
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