SMP9 Eastern Wilderness Outposts Survey (free 200r!)

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  1. I have created this survey in hopes of collecting information about the Eastern Wilderness of SMP9.
    This survey is intended for all old residents, current residents, potential residents and leaders of the Outposts in the SMP9 Eastern Wilderness.
    The SMP9 Eastern Wilderness currently includes:
    New Holland

    Please complete this survey and you will receive a 200r bonus!

    No alt accounts, please :)

    **Added from feedback :)
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  2. SteamedEcko,I regret to inform you,that EWTO has already been created.
    It's member states are:
    2nd NR
  3. Unrelated sorry mate
  4. Great Survey - completed! Thanks for putting that together. I hope you get good productive feedback and I'd love to see more new citizens like me join the cities out that way.

    Camp Felis
    -Volt Citizen-
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  5. No,you were talking about a formation of a Union that's been done.
  6. Not at all. This is just a survey about people's experiences and suggestions with the Outposts in Smp9
  7. I quote:"Would you like to see a new Eastern Wilderness Union Organization created, which helps maintain the peace, develop the Wilderness, and bring in new residents?"
  8. feedback dude
  9. bump! a lot of great feedback so far!
  10. bump! Thanks to whoever answered every question with "yo mamma". It was really helpful.
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  11. This is a really great survey. I just filled it out. Hope it helps. If at all possible could you reveal some of the results (without names) to me, to help improve people's experience in the Wild?
  12. I was planning on giving a brief summary of the results to all the outpost leaders :) I will put something together in the next few days. All results will be anonymous of course.
  13. Steamed,I hope the 2nd NR is not discriminated against.
  14. It's not even a thing anymore so how could I discriminate it?
  15. The 2nd NR,is busy having a city built thank you very much.
  16. I mean it doesn't exist in the area anymore. The "2nd NR" isn't in the region this survey is refering too
  17. We're in the East Wild Area,but in the Far West.
    We ARE planning on making ourselves a Continent though.
  18. That's great. Not sure how that relates but ok