SMP9 Crashed By 2 AmTrent and Matthew7558 (ACCIDENTALLY!)

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  1. It is 5/8/15, 9:41 PM, EST. At about 9:15 PM, Matthew7558, and I, AmTrent, have ACCIDENTALLY crashed SMP9. We attempted to break Nether bedrock. Matthew made it onto the roof, and started lagging, as did I. Little did we know, so did everyone else on SMP9. I thought it was just my bad Internet. I was holding Matt's valuables (which we did anyway lose :p) But the whole SMP crashed. We all got disconnected temporarily. Aikar ended up getting on SMP9, the first time I met him, asking who engaged in inappropriate teleport behavior (or something along the lines of that) And I awkwardly apologized, repeatedly, then begged Aikar for a signed book, renamed sheet of paper, or even renamed dirt to remember it. He said, have this screenshot. And then kicked me, well here it is: This incident could NOT go unreported and will be remembered permanently through history of SMP9, and all of EMC.

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  2. *golf clap* great job, you broke a server
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  3. This was Crazy, never gonna do this again. I first got onto the nether roof, then started lagging bad, and the server crashed.
  4. I miss back when you could get ontop of the nether and tp to town #fasttravel

    Aikar decided that that form of transportation needed to be fixed :p
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  5. So am I correct that you are reporting this? :confused: