SMP9 comunnity is amazing

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  1. Alrught, so i was building my 2nd casino on smp9 and someone asked "how much does it cost to make a casino?" I told them my smp8 one costed over 200k and isn't even close to done.

    I told them i was also making my smp9 to cost over 300k to make it amazing, but i couldn't due to lack of funds.

    i find this seconds later:

    then this about 5 minutes later:

    I wish to thank JellyButter123, J_A_D_E_1_6 and tz_hammer for not only supporting me, but offering to help build AND donate rupees so i can get all of the required materials.

    Thanks guys! Your amazing!
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  2. Considering there are threads about SMP9 not having enough people