SMP9 Compasion Store [18967]

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  1. New store - Go to lot 18967 and check out my new store.
    Still under construction for the most part but will list w/e items are available for the time being.
    Flags have been reset, all are welcome to shop :}

    Current items in stock:

    Bone - 5x 10r

    Bow - Power I - 5x 100r each

    Diamond Pickaxe - Unbreaking III + Efficiency V - 5,000r *SOLD for 1250!


    All prices are negotiable, feel free to send me a pm through forum or ingame.

  2. So you looking for compassion?
  3. Sure! :}
    It's actually going to be my Compassion Club/Store lol
    But I just realized I spelt compassion wrong in my title >.<
  4. What is a Compassion Club/Store? It sounds interesting.