Smp9 Community Skyscraper - res # 19444

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  1. Hello all, i figured it was about time to make a post about this, for the past 2 months ive been building my so called skyscraper on smp9.:D

    This project was entirely made by me and it will, in the future, be a shop/hotel/"game centre" and a lot more if i can think of anything else!

    It is suppost to be finished on my 365th day of EMC, which is in about a week and a half. Thing is, i dont think it will be finished by then, if not it will be officially opened on my 400th day. Which will be a while...

    Anyway! I am making this thread so your aware of the existence of the skyscraper, so you can follow its build, and finally (what you were thinking i was going to ask all along...) so you can help in anyway you can, be it items or rupees (no building help).

    Thank you for reading this, and hope you come visit it when its done. :)

    Front view.

    A view of the entrance of the skyscraper.

    A view of the inside of the ground floor (The only one wth anything in it ...).

    A back view of the skyscraper.

    A view from the top.

    My on the roof looking down onto the fountain.

    The fountain.
  2. Looks really good so far!
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  5. This does look cool! Can you post some pictures with the regular texture pack?
  6. Ok, and be sure to visit it if you can. ;)
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  9. Omg this looks awesome
  10. Why thank you, i put a lot of work and time into it.
  11. Looks really good! Can't wait to see it finished!
  12. Im bumping it to try and get more than my current 3r :confused:
  13. I donated 100r yesterday remember.
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  14. Waisted it on getting lapis for my 1st floor's floor. :D
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  16. Donated 150r. looks great!
  17. Thank you very much good sir!