Smp9 Community Clan

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  1. Welcome to the Official EMC SMP9 Community Clan

    About Us:

    Welcome everyone to the Official SMP9 Community Clan. We are a new group of players and shop owners on 18652 at SMP9 that just want to help each other out and profit from the economy. We plan on working on projects together, doing group mining, hunting, farming, and just about anything else that you can think of.


    Should you have any questions or concerns please visit and visit the forums there. You can also message for help too.


    If you would like to join, please visit this link and fill out the application.

    BONUS: The first 10 lucky members will get 1k from me.
    Future Planning:

    We also have a residence 6001 on SMP3 that we have access to, should we need a place to build something, or host an event. This residence is owned by kyle12cu1, so rest assured, its not going anywhere. We are in the works of planning scheduled activities. Please be patient as we are still working out the kinks.

    Members List:

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