SMP9 Casino Slot Machine now open!

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  1. Hey guys!
    I made a giant slot machine on smp9, res 18926. You can win up to 1k rupees, and each play is only 100r. Come check it out! I've been working on it for about 5 days, I think it has come together nicely. I'm going to be making more machines, so if you like it, please donate! All these materials were rather expensive :p
    Here's screenies!
    2013-01-23_15.35.37.png 2013-01-23_15.36.22.png
    Come check it out! I'm gonna be running it for a while right now, if you're on come see :)
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  2. Has a mod approved this? (From what I know, they need to approve these gambling games and stuff)
  3. Pretty cool, pretty cool. :)
  4. I dont think that's the case... I've had casino games open in the past, and no one else has said that to me.
  5. I've seen some cases where the game was like 'rigged' and there was no actual price. I just asked as I saw on Happyshoppers casino long time ago he had some signs saying it was approved by mods.
  6. You are correct, it has to be approved by mods first
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  7. Really? Where? I havent seen anything that says that... And this one doesn't deal with items, it does rupees, and several people have won already :p
  8. I'll close it now tho till I get approval... Is there a thread or something for that, or should I message?
  9. I should be ok tho.