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  1. Hello all. Not sure if there is a thread like this but here goes. Was hoping to get a list together of all the open/active stores for a good quick reference. If you have such a place list it along with the general product description and lot number (or in-game user name. Pls, I would like to keep this thread just for smp9 shops only. May start a thread for others if this goes well.
  2. Queendiva1 and deathtomb8953 shop are on smp9. That's about all I know on smp9 hope that helps
  3. Shops I have found so far...

    18564 KiNG_u_MaGiCz general store
    19338 rossbud2 skyshop general store
    19308 Empire_Store, just type /store
    18810 PolkaDot22 general store
  4. 18005 Queen's Highrise Center
    Lots of items to choose from, reasonable prices ( i took the time to study prices from alot of the large shops on all the EMC servers to set my prices at about average compared to all those those shops combined). free to use crafting and enchantment rooms, future additions include villager trading and an enchantment items floor. periodic upgrades to the shop that sometimes includes the addition of new items for sell.

    i ask that players please not buy me out of stock for the purpose of reselling the items please. i do not hire workers so i am the only person that restocks my shop. if anything is out of stock at the time of your visit, please check back abit later as i restock my shop every 2-3 days.

    18313 Zolara Wild Town Shop owned by deathtomb8953

    from my experience there, is an awesome and very large shop to find almost anything ur looking to buy. if i dont have it in stock i definitely recommend going here.
  5. 18885 is active :)
  6. I also restock daily and carry just about everything beside gold, if its not in stock simple send me a pm and ill make sure i restock it if possible
  7. Nole972 shop also.
  8. The Mineshaft at 19262
    I sell all things mining related, iron, coal, diamond, gold etc. planning on selling weekly specials such as enchanted picks or swords :)
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  9. nice shop, very well organized.
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