smp9 - 18754 - Bag End of the Shire

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  1. this is still a work in progress but after two days i thought it was good enough to start posting :)

  2. i think it would look better without that texture pack..
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  3. heh yeah this is the LOTR texture pack, not the greatest
  4. i just dont like the green wood planks, other than that cool :)
  5. if thats what they are :p
  6. nah, those green plank looking things are just grass, the sides instead of looking like dirt look like that
  7. here's a shot from the top of my castle shop that's in the next res over :)

  8. i went to the very top
  9. awesome just pure awesome, I got chills when they started singing in the trailer lol :p
  10. i can't wait for this movie to come out, it's gonna be huge. i don't normally go see movies more than once in the theatre but there is a good chance i'll be going multiple times for this one!
  11. now starring.... Gandalf!!

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  12. "you shall not pass" lol nice
  13. i saw some youtube videos of LOTR related things people have done in Minecraft and it's awesome

    i'm trying to figure out the best way to light up the Hobbit sign... underlining it with Glowstone didn't light it up all the way :(
  14. Maybe try placing Glowstone behind the letters- I don't know if that would work...
  15. If its from Link, it's Gandadalf!
  16. ok we improved the lighting on the Hobbit sign... lol

    and for the record, christina80 built Gandalf :D she is the queen of pixel art
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  17. Voting for you all the way sgx!!