smp9 - 18648 - Villager Eggs, Ender Chests, Ores, and More :)

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  1. these are just a few of the items I'm selling in my shop at 18648 on smp9:

    Villager Eggs - 200r
    Ender Chests - 130r
    Eye of Ender - 30r

    Emerald Blocks - 225r

    Diamond Ore - 120r
    Iron Ore - 10r
    Gold Ore - 15r

    Come check the shop out!
  2. Thanks for the Emerald ores and blocks :)
  3. no problem... we are not temporarily out of stock on Emerald Blocks thanks to KingofKraft13 clearing that chest out

    we still have Emerald Ore available :)
  4. Do you have regular diamonds?
  5. Yes, we have Diamonds, Diamond Blocks, and Diamond Ore

    If you are buying bulk I suggest going for the Blocks :)

    We also have Gold and Iron Ingots, Blocks, and Ores as well as the Ores of Redstone, Lapis, and Coal.

    We have over 100 products for sale in the shop although I must admit that it appears we have several Wood items that are sold out and my shop partner hasn't stocked it yet today as she is currently reading a nice novel and hasn't logged into minecraft. Everything in the Diamond Room (we have 4 rooms in the shop) is well stocked though.