smp9 - 18648 - Buying Sand, Cobblestone, Coal, Gold, Iron, Diamond, and More!

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  1. Have a Shop on smp9 at 18648 and currently I'm buying the following items:

    64 Sand for 50r
    64 Cobblestone for 50r
    64 Coal for 50r

    2 Gold Ingot for 15r
    2 Iron Ingot for 12r
    1 Diamond for 35r

    ^^^ All of these items are downstairs

    Upstairs I'm also buying the following items but you'll have to check the Shop for the prices as I don't have them handy:
    Wood - Logs and Planks, all kinds
    Wool - All Colors
    Buckets - Water, Lava, and Iron

    Generally I buy until the chests are full, however if you have bulk amounts please message me to discuss because I may buy beyond that
  2. I'll sell u a crapload of cobble tomorrow
  3. and i should say that while i ultimately just want these chests completely filled, it would be even better if it would be by newer members of the Empire so that they can get some rupees in their chests
  4. If you sell it for this price or less then I'll come pick it up at your Shop, just give me the res number.

    Thanks :)
  5. OK sounds great! i just wrecked my cobble gen, but ive got a dozen stacks laying around ill get. Im redoing my res so ill bring it to you.
  6. so now i'm left thinking if it's a supply thing or a price thing... because aside from a few items, all i've been able to collect is a few chests of cobblestone. i wanted that but i also need the other items :/
  7. Ur prices are pretty good, I'll sell to u but I've been busy in utopia.