smp9 - 18573 - Diamond Pickaxe - Eff IV, Silk I - 6500r

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  1. I only have one and it is unused. I have a container set up on my res to the right of where you land after teleport. :)
  2. That is cheap!!! I would raise the price:)
  3. Thank you for your advise... very much appreciated!!!!! This is my first sale, and I would like this to go fast. :)
  4. From what i have heard, silk touch alone goes for 8-9k:)
  5. I saw an axe like this for sale in a shop for 7k. I thought I would put mine up for 6.5k and see what happens.
  6. pickaxes are generally more useful than an axe so they sell for more.
  7. Oopps, meant to say I saw a pickaxe for 7k.
  8. ohhh well that one is a good deal too!
  9. If no one is interested in the pickaxe, I'm going to take it mining with me tomorrow. :)