SMP9 - 18249 - Markgraf Store, Hotel and Parkour

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  1. Grand opening of Markgraf Enterprises!

    Markgraf Enterprises launched the first Markgraf Store, Hotel and Parkour today. The name says it: We're a store, a hotel *and* a parkour range. Yep, that's right: Buy some wool, jump around the building, then turn in for the night in one of our cozy suites.

    Our special opening offer: 8 oak logs for 6 rupees! That's 48r a stack!

    Other items we currently sell:
    • Ocelot eggs
    • Wool
    • Dyed wool (cyan, light blue, green, red, yellow)
    • DIAMONDS ZOMG! (just 50r per gem)
    Not enough for you? We'll soon be expanding and selling animals & food (melons, cow spawner eggs, beef, leather, pig spawner eggs, pork, chicken eggs, feathers, cake, bread and apples), and all kinds of wood products (logs, planks, sticks, fences, torches, signs, fence gates, doors, ladders, trapdoors and more).

    What about our hotel, you say? Well, we have three suites (in increasing order of price):

    - Abraham Lincoln Suite (orange)
    - Yellow Suite (yellow)
    - Tony Blair Suite (red)
    - Immanuel Kant Suite (green)

    Our hotel rooms can't just be rented, they can also be bought! Check out the prices on location at 18249 on SMP9.

    What about the Parkour? Well, the entrance ladder will be mounted as soon as we get our first hotel guests. It's free roam, you can just jump around the building, but I assure you it'll be interesting! If you don't think so, what does it matter? The parkour is free!

    For details, suggestions and possible business deals, contact me or tnowacki.

    Have fun at Markgraf!