-= Smp9 18005 Enchanted Book Mall! =-

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  1. Introducing Smp9's 18005 Enchanted Book Mall!

    Come check it out at 18005, there are all enchanted books for your pickaxe's, axe's, shovel's, armour, fishing rod's, and bows! at competitive prices! :)

    We also sell Gems and Ingots and Xp bottles and some Mob Drops! More coming soon!

    Big thanks to Eclipsys for his services!
    Mall run by Eviltoade and I :)
  2. Bump! Lots of books in stock
  3. Saves me some jumping between servers. only the item description is placed a bit low.
    The item description is not at eye height.
  4. Thats great to hear! Thanks also for the feedback :) We will look into it.

    EDIT: We tried something else :) Tell us if you think its better
  5. I believe the bumps should be done by the owner of the thread, even if the account used to bump is an alt. This is what it is for auctions at least, so I thought it may be a forum-wide thing, but correct me if I am wrong. I think bumps have to be after six hours as well in non-auction areas, but again, correct me if I am wrong.

    The enchanted book mall looks great, it's a great addition to the /spawn surroundings. I haven't needed any enchanted items recently but I think that this place is going to be top of the list if I do need anything. Good job on the place, Gadget.
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  6. Thanks alot mate and i didnt know about the bump thing i just thought as long as it was the same player :p And is it not 3 hours between bumps? I thought it was anyways.

    Thanks for the feedback on the mall though :) Lots more coming soon including enchanted items!
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  7. In regards to the first part that I have quoted from your post, that would be right for the auctions part of forums. However, it is noted in the Products and Businesses section that the bumps should be after six hours there, so I assumed anything that was not an auction had a six hour bump limit. This is not clear though, so I think that the server should make it a bit more clear as to where you can bump and when.

    As for the second part, you are welcome, and I'm sure that the additions will be great. What do you intend on doing with the tower on top of the main building? When I last checked, they were simply empty floors.
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  8. Yes they are empty floors at the minute for there is nothing to stock them at the minute but eventually we might get there lol but for now they will remain empty :)
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  9. It looks good.
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  10. Bump lots of books in stock!
  11. I will be sure to check this out when I have access to my laptop
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