SMP8 Wild Storms *Mods Read*

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by YOU12MAEC, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. I have been noticing very bad lighting and rain storms about 2 every hour with a ton of lighting and thunder. Justin why is this going on and can you fix it? My friends and I keep getting struck :|
  2. Justin cant fix this because lightning and thunder are just part of the game.
  3. Yea but there are plugins I think to have fewer rain storms.
  4. Thats not a vanilla server then.
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  5. Exactly. :)
  6. Empire Minecraft is supposed to be vanilla as possible. If thunder or lightning didnt happen then we are missing a key element of Minecraft. Super charged creepers. And of course the boring, time consuming thunderstorms. Sorry but they cant help your problem.
  7. These things are getting old quick: (Credits to Nman1221 He found it with me and got the pic before it exploded.

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  8. Then play on a different server, or just deal with it, Jeb isn't going to take it away, maybe that world spawns storms more.
  9. It may be as simple as resetting the server so why don't all you arm chair experts let this thread rest till Justin or Jeremy can look into it. :D
  10. Working as intended...
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  11. I like the crazy storms. In real life and in the game. I have the good sense to seek shelter when it gets really bad.
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