SMP8 Walmart Official Thread

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Do you think Walmart will uphold its promises of cheap, stocked products?

Of Course! 1 vote(s) 33.3%
Sure, Why not? 1 vote(s) 33.3%
Possibly, it depends on the team. 1 vote(s) 33.3%
I doubt it. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No. There is no way. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hello Friends,

    My name is Daxxus, and I am the proud owner of SMP8's very own Walmart. This thread is for those who don't know who we are or what we do, as well as those who are looking for employment with us.

    Mission Statement:
    We at Walmart are committed to ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers. From our low prices, to our friendly team, every visit is sure to be a pleasant one.

    Our History:
    Construction on SMP8's Walmart began on March 14th, 2016. The estimated time of completion is April 15th, 2016. Our grand opening is scheduled for May 1, 2016.

    SMP8s Walmart is located at /v 16550 or /v +Walmart.

    Who We Are:
    In order to maintain a full stock on every item, we require a team with some of the best players. From miners and gatherers, to stockers and price checkers, everyone has an important role to play. If you would like a complete list of all our current staff and what they do, Please Click here:

    What we do:
    At Walmart, everyone is committed to keeping every item stocked, at the lowest possible prices. This means that when you visit Walmart, you get whatever you need, cheap. Our goal is to sell every item and block that is attainable on EMC, at prices everyone can afford.

    Become a Supplier:
    If you would like to become a supplier for SMP8's Walmart, please fill out the application form, which can be found here:

    Work for Walmart:
    If you would like to work for Walmart, you need to complete a 3 step process.

    Step 1: Fill out the application, found here:
    Step 2: If selected, you will be contacted for an in-game interview. Skype is not required for this job.
    Step 3: Job Training and Placement

    If you are selected, there are a few rules and responsibilities that you will have to follow.

    1. You must work for all mutually agreed shifts.
    2. You must complete any jobs given to you within the given time-frame.
    3. If you fail to complete your agreed upon job, you will only be paid for what you have completed.
    4. If you fail to show up for an agreed shift, you will not be paid, and may be fired.
    5. If you cant do something, then tell your manager. Don't just not do it.

    You will also be given some perks and benefits.

    1. You are paid based on your job. Pay will be mutually agreed upon before you start working.
    2. You are given a 1 hour break in the middle of any shift 3 hours or longer.
    3. You receive a 10% discount on all items in store. Speak to your manager to purchase.
    4. Pay increases are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Talk to your manager if you want more money.