SMP8 Summer Castle Residence

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  1. I am starting a project at 17033, which will be similar (Not the same) to the Utopia Party Gardens. It will host community events, such as drop parties and competitions, and have single-player features as well. I will post weekly updates on the progress made and what-not. Donations will be greatly appreciated (Leaves, logs, stone bricks, white wool). Also, I am not entirely happy with the name, so please comment ideas and inspiration.

    Update 1:
    I have cleared out my second res in preparation for the start of the project. Thanks to friendypig for massively speeding that process up.

    Next update: Saturday 18th.
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  2. I forgot to add the screenshot, so here it is:
  3. next to my res xD
  4. Thanks!
    Well done for noticing!
  5. nice to see the HMS Gee
  6. I chose that view just for you!
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  7. im not blind -_-
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  8. You sure 'bout that?
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  9. im 100% sure
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  10. If you still need wool, I can donate it. Just let me know where to take it or when we're in game at the same time.
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  11. I can donate an old couch I just have sitting around. It has a small urine stain that I can't seem to get out.
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