SMP8 Skeleton farm

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Gremmil, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. I built a basic skeleton farm in the wastes of SMP8 if anyone is interested in using it. Please don't alter or destroy it, as it's great for exp and bones / arrows. Just go to the coordinates and it's got lots of torches around it. Go to bottom of stairs and wait for skeletons to fall in and stab their legs. I think I'm going mad from wandering the wastes alone, as this is probably a bad idea, but ... have fun! There's a box for shifting around junk, a crafting table and a furnace.

    SMP8 waste 259, 2691
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  2. Awesome Gremmil! Just a heads up so you're aware - the waste is going to be resetting soon. Make sure you get your stuff out of there before it resets (in a week or so I think?) so you don't lose the materials you used to make this for everyone. Thank you!
  3. Yeah, I figured I'd let others get some use out of it before the reset happens :) Just used local mats to dig it out and build the walls.
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