[SMP8] Shear Madness~ FREE WOOL!

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Should I start buying this wool?

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Yes 4 vote(s) 80.0%
No 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. This is "Shear Madness"!
    ALL 16 COLORS!
    100 SHEEP OF EACH COLOR= ~4 Stacks of each Color!
    Shear chests at location!
    Buy/ Sell Chests available for each color!
    /v +SM on SMP8!
  2. I don't really need a lot of wool at the moment but this is cool of you, thanks!
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  3. Finally got my voters shears! > : D time for naked sheep
  4. Buy and Sell Chests are now available for each color!
  5. Now I know where to buy out wool :p
  6. Why can't I bump lol
  7. ?
  8. I like to confuse people lol
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  9. You can definitely bump to some tunes while you shear sheep at
    You're welcome Faded ;)
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  10. emm faded on some of the sheep pens you cant pick up items
  11. Did you fix??
  12. It shouldve been fixed... let me know which color/ res was not fixed
  13. Been to several colors and other than finding the odd white sheep mixed into the group, I have only 1 suggestion that I must share....

    Remove the bottom ladder from the exit. Sheep can't jump up one block - players can. This will eliminate the 'knot' of sheep bodies at the ladder that resist the shears.

    And the shears shall win! For it is summer and hot - and they will feel cooler when naked!
  14. Ok. Found a couple of issues.

    Orange sheep has no permission to sell.
    Yellow sheep .... :eek: there are no yellow sheep :confused:
    Green sheep has a couple stuck in the wall.

    and a Red sheep is part tight-rope walker...

  15. This post is from 2018... But the farm should totally be brought back. I need wool lol
  16. What are you saying??
    All three farms that I referred you to are up and running.
    Including this one run by FadedMartian.
  17. No i realize that. I am saying the forum post is pretty old.
  18. I appreciate you pointing this out katy

    This is still a thing.. i just have to fix a few things.. i appreciate the understanding and ill try to fix them this week sometime

    As for the missing or under construction sheep i will correct the issue asap
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  19. <3
    the Wool farm.
    Will wait for quality repairs :D
    Take your time around irl busy stuff.
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