smp8 selling cobblestone 30 stacks 3k or more

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by xbrent123x, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. and its a bid forgot to add that sorry
  2. Oh comon
  3. what
  4. Read the auctioning rules.

    Only enchanted items and dragon eggs are alowed to be auctioned.

    and your price is 4x higher then it should be.
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  5. cobblestone cant be auctioned only enchanted things
  6. well i dident know and i cant shut it off
  7. It could have been but i mean like whilst huge shops sell a stack for 10r u cant sell for 30r
  8. well how do i stop the auction than
  9. just let it die (dont post)
  10. dude who would wanna buy cobble for 3k if they can mine it themselves lol xD
  11. ask a mod to close it
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  14. If a mod sees this please close the auction.
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  15. Post*
  16. I do believe your profile pic, displays this situation perfectly
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  17. xD
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