[smp8] selling 4 diamond blocks and a new diamond pickaxe!!!

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  1. selling the diamond blocks and a new diamond pick ( not enchanted ) for 1,500
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  2. The 2k is much too expensive... 1440 is a better price... lozl
  3. that would be 55r a diamond which is just too much
  4. Are you new on EMC? If you are, this isnt how things work here.
  5. I have no idea if its an auction or a sale.....
    Well either way your doing it all wrong. Are the pick or sword enchanted?
  6. Please do not spam a thread when you can simply edit your post and please just say that your selling that in town chat not on forums but don't spam the town chat either....
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  7. im not harming or being mean am I? Im just trying to help out people.
  8. ok thnx i all reddy change the price to 1500
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  9. First, use the edit button.
    Second, try to give more details about it. Lower the prices too.
  10. Yeah I will buy them, set up an access chest for me when I pay you but I will be on camp for a week so is that okay?
  11. so you'll buy them when will u come
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  12. Calm down and eat some cakes! 55r each isn't too much for me!
  13. px. ill buy them now!
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  14. ok who ever comes first gets them first go to smp8
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  15. tell me when ever your ready to come
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  16. actully tomarrao at smp8 3:00 usa time and u will pay i will give:) thank you!!
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  17. Screen shot 2012-06-23 at 7.53.57 PM.png <--- your friend
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  18. yes u can reserve
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  19. could i reserve them?
  20. you can reserve for tomarro
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