SMP8 Residence 16004 Spawn Location - on Sale

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  1. Hello, So residence 16004 on SMP8 is officially on "sale".

    I haven't had this residence for long but I feel that spawn residences although admired don't have the same effect when owned. With that I am selling the LOCATION to the highest offer. Either place your offer bellow or to me by private message if you do not wish to have others see it.

    To be clear once more, This is for the Location not the Items on the residence. A time and date will be set by private message for the residence transfer as to ensure it is not snatched up by anyone else.

    Thank you.

    If this thread is in a improper location please move it.
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  2. I will trade you my res next to /v 2000 and The_Beacon171 head museum and 31Dragone Stones, 1794 owned by Brandtitus, Also I will give you a Ham Hacker

    Hope you like my offer
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  3. Hey,

    I may not have any rupee amount to offer you, however I have lots of items:

    1 Blizz Ard Nose
    3 Stable Vouchers
    43 Dragon Stones
    1 Cupid's Bow
    25 Pot 'o Golds

    Feel free to take my offer into consideration.

  4. Your offer has been taken into consideration. I will await before making a final decision as the possibility of more offers is probable. I do not require soulfully Rupee payments, I accept items as part of the offer as well.

    I am interested primarily in Promos/Vouchers.
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  5. ill give you 200k
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  6. 300k plus a vault and stable voucher.
    But if cadens offers all the items he listed above...