SMP8 Public utilities: project unlimited

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want to help or donate

ya this looks cool 1 vote(s) 50.0%
no i have my own projects atm 1 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. help everyone With the nhg almost done i have a lot more time to work on project unlimited the ultimate utilities area
    it has

    slime chunks
    squid chunks
    area for ocelot
    area for ice farm
    4 blaze spawners
    1 guardian temple
    2 with huts
    area for iron and gold farms

    if u want to join just say below and i will add u into the convoy
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  2. current checklist (expect this to change)
    nether rail / boat rail started priority : high
    witch hut 1 and 2 not started priority: medium atm
    Slime and squid chunks not started priority: low
    ice farm and ocolot farms not started priority: Extremely high
    iron farm gold farm not started but easily can be priority: medium
    guardian farm not started priority: low
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  3. Bump come on people 0-0
  4. This seems cool c:
    I'm pretty useless, and I operate almost solely on SMP9 so I probably wont be able to do much.

    I do however wish you luck c: it seems like a really awesome project.
  5. being on a other amp is actually preferred because u can just do /smp8 when u are bored and go mine out something to build something
  6. making this to a private outpost because of a lack of participation