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  1. Hey guys ShyguytheGamer1 and I have made a Public Farm at /wild c on SMP8. It took us a little less than a week to build but yet months of planning. I want to give a big thanks to Khixan for inspiring me to do this even though my farm is nothing compared to Sushi Drop/Squid Doom Etc. Here is some information on this Public Farm. :D
    • At /wild c @ SMP8
    • Farms: Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes, Nether Wart, Sugar Cane, Trees
    We are still looking for a crew to help us out with expanding and supplies and we are also working on the functionalitiy of the tree farm. If there are any problems/ questions/feedback on the farm please don't post on me or Shyguy's profile about it just PM me in game or on forums.
    I mentioned we need a crew. I need:
    • Someone to do a daily inspection for griefs and to screenshot anything that they think has been greifed. And then PM me in-game or on forums with links or pictures of the suspected grief so I can give a go on wether it should be brought to staff or not.
    • Builders to work alongside me and Shyguy to expand the farm wether it'd be underground or on land.
    There are more "jobs" than these ones listed I will update it in the comments section of this forum.
    If you want to have some of these jobs listed above PM me or comment on this forum. I will PM you if you've been selected! :)
    Some other things to know about the farm:

    • There is an enchanting table so, me and shyguy will NOT be supplying lapiz due to people either stealing it or using it to much. You must bring your own.
    • We will also not supply farming hoes due to people stealing. Bring your own.
    • There are seed/ crop/ sugar cane/ storage chests and such so, if the contents get stolen those will become locked chests for crew use of the farm only.
      Please leave some feedback in the comments it really helps me and Shyguy improve alot with this build and we'd appreciate it a ton if you guys could help out aswell. ;)
    I will put any updates of the farm in the comments section of this forum.
    Also, please excuse any spelling or gramatical errors in this forum.
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  2. If anyone is looking for the location it is at/wild c Once you spawn just go straight past the spawn strcture then just look for the sign that says SMP8 Public Farm and a cobble stone pathway and just follow the cobble stone pathway until the next sign.
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  3. I would like a job at the farm keldeo178 :)
  4. Awesome :D I somehow missed this thread till just now. Hope the farms are still going out there!
  5. Yeah we kinda have been lacking but they are still up. I gotta check for greifings (spelling?) though.
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  6. "Me and ShyguytheGamer1" - Shyguythegamer1 and I.
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  7. #GrammarNazi

    Same as me, kledoe will make corrections to it in a sec :p
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  8. Fixed
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  9. Oh poops! The nether chest room got hit real hard, a whole wall is missing and various slabs and block utilities. Since I haven't done anything for the system in a while I'll make it my project tonight to fix it.
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  10. Wrong Thread? xP
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  11. Well it's news about a public smp8 utility. This seems like the right thread to me to post something about it :p.
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  12. these are farms not utilities...this thread wasnt started by khixan
  13. Free iron is useful :p it is a farm that is public and useful i.e. a public utility



    1. 1.

      the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial.
  14. Wow that did not post well.
  15. ROFL - go home Peps, you're on Soundless' farm thread :D Farm, as in crops. One does not till, plant, and water iron ;)
    By the way, you said "nether chest room", so I thought you meant the nether hunting grounds. Go reply on the utilities thread mate and let ppl know where you actually need the help. I have no idea what's been griefed, and I have GOT to get to bed.
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  16. Why did you make your thread like khixan's?
  17. sigh............... I don't even know what to do now.
  18. I'll invent a dislike button by posting this. Dislike the title haha. Everyone see my epic fail.
  19. Sgt stop posting on here xD

    Also there is a planting crop bug where if we place crops they pop up and then they aren't our farms are broken and useless
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