SMP8 public AFK head farm

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  1. Hello EMC :p
    I have made an AFK public head farm
    Go to wild s (smp8) then go straight ahead (north) and you will soon see it :)

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  2. How can you afk? Don't you have to click respawn every time you die?
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  3. Good point i didnt think of that :p you could use macro mod to re-spawn you :p
  4. Not sure if it is allowed though. EMC has strict macro rules
  5. Awesome, Trying It right now :D
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  6. respawning itself have a timer, that even macro mod cant overwrite, so clicking past that wait, is normal to every player using or not using macro mod, so macro mod is not "saving you" time by doing it automatic, it just makes it less tedius(that is what i think, to my understanding of the rules)
  7. why would you need so many heads anyway?
  8. Deco heads :p
  9. I just want me head alot and my alts
  10. I placed an ended chest just in case :)
  11. Step1: make sure head drop is "on"
    Step2: don full voter gear, including sword
    Step3: find Momentus
    Step4: place bed nearby & set spawn point
    Step5: set difficulty to 10 & prepare for frustration
    Step6: when/if you eventually kill him... Collect heads. Try to pick them up occasionally as you go so despawning is not a problem.

    This should result in at least a stack of your own head in about 30-40 minutes (from my experience at least).

    Also, have an empty inventory. Don't bother with food or anything else.
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  12. This isn't a head gaining tutorial thread. This is for Guill's build he made for everyone.
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  13. Isnt there a timer for death? Like you can't die after 5 seconds? Then this farm doesn't really work. :/